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Wednesday, September 23, 2009

2 x Världen Idag (2009-09-23)

Två nya artiklar i Världen Idag, en är på svenska.

"Världen idag har tillsammans med Nick Maitland, vice ordförande i organisationen för familjerätt i Sverige, RFFS och väl insatt i fallet, gått igenom länsrättens dom, där man fastslår socialtjänstens LVU-omhändertagande på Arlanda.
– Det som hände på flygplatsen är inte klokt. Jag har aldrig varit med om något liknade fall, säger Nick Maitland, som även är socionom och har arbetat såväl i Sverige som utomlands."

Mats Tunehag's blog, "What happened next with boy snatched from plane in Sweden?"

Sam Ericsson
, President of Advocates International, a network of 30 000 lawyers in over 100 countries, calls this a case of “State-napping”: “This is Statism with a vengeance. The State and their social service workers have total power to violate the most fundamental rights - parents caring for their children.”

The world’s largest home school advocacy organization, Home School Legal Defense Association (HSLDA) has 87,000 member families in 36 countries. They have filed letters with Swedish authorities on Gotland (where the Johansson’s live), as well as with Swedish ambassadors and government ministers. J Michael Smith, president of HSLDA writes:

Our current information, if accurate, indicates that the Swedish authorities have seriously breached the Johansson family’s fundamental human rights. We understand that Swedish law permits parents to educate their children at home and that the local school board is responsible for overseeing the process of notification. However, it appears that in this case, the local school board ignored normal procedure, did not meet with the family to assist them in pursuing home education, and instead fined them and referred the matter to the local court.

Our information indicates that the court declared the fines to be unnecessary, and the judge did not prohibit the family from leaving Sweden although he knew that they were planning to relocate to India on or about June 25th, 2009. Despite the court and your agency’s knowledge and implied approval of the planned relocation, your agency seized Dominic, and it appears that the primary motivation was opposition to him being homeschooled.

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