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Saturday, December 8, 2012

Fallet Dominic uppe i hovrätten

Christer Johans­son, pappa till tvångsomhändertagna Dominic, klarade inte av att höra på när en överläkare i Svea hovrätt försvarade splittringen av hans familj och tonade ner betydelsen av separationen för pojken.

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Last day in Administrative court for the Johansson’s today

They were overjoyed with the number of people who came to support the Johansson family. The Court room filled. They had to stop proceedings to get more chairs. During the lunch time break they had to change rooms to make it more comfortable for everyone. It was wonderful to see everyone stay until the end of the court proceedings although the Social worker and another person with the Social Worker had to leave part way through Ruby’s last presentation to the Court. There were two representatives of the Indian embassy there as well today, which was very encouraging.


Sunday, November 4, 2012

Chabad.info: Persecuted Homeschoolers Win Court Battle

In one of the most alarming incidents, officials citing homeschooling removed then-seven-year-old Domenic Johansson from his parents. More than three years later, he remains in state custody. Less severe abuses, such as huge fines and vicious threats, continue to plague the small community of home-educating families that has not yet fled abroad. One of the most recent incidents saw authorities threatening to seize a family’s property for failure to pay homeschooling fines, forcing ROHUS to pay the fine in order to prevent an even greater tragedy.


Abuse Remains Norm Despite Major Court Victory

Domenic Johansson is still not home with his parents. Jonas Himmelstrand and many others have fled the country because numerous other courts, including Sweden’s Supreme Court, continue to turn a deaf ear to their pleas for justice and protection of their basic rights.


1196 dagars terror...

För snart 1200 dagar sedan utsattes familjen Johansson från Gotland för värsta formen av en myndighetsattack. Familjen, som sedan länge hade planerat flytta till mamma Annies hemland, hade checkat in och bordat det flyg som skulle ta dem till Indien. I det ögonblicket får de vara med om något som för alltid kommer att sätta djupa spår i deras liv; Beväpnad polis på order från socialtjänsten på Gotland, stormade ett flygplan i Stockholm som var på väg till Indien, och med våld förde bort familjen Johansson, skriver Vänner till Domenic i ett material sammanställt av föreningen CUI BONO.
Brottet: Familjen hemundervisade Domenic. (texten fortsätter...)

Familjen har tidigare trakasserats av Gotlands kommun på grund av att de inte skrev in sin son på dagis. De ville själva ge så mycket tid som möjligt till Domenic varför de vid upprepade tillfällen blev uppvaktade av socialtjänsten på Gotland. Nu har det gått 1196 dagar och den terror som familjen utsätts för går inte att med ord beskriva. Kommunens socialtjänst skyddar sig bakom sekretesslagar och vägrar konsekvent att samarbeta och återbörda Domenic till sina föräldrar. Följ detta anmärkningsvärda fall. Det finns flera sidor som skriver om Domenic och internationellt har människorättsorganisationer reagerat. I det socialistiska Sverige råder dock mest en lång, obehaglig, misstänkliggörande och tärande tystnad.


Friday, September 7, 2012

What is happening for Domenic Johansson and His Parents!

I spoke to Ruby Harrold-Claesson a couple of nights ago and asked her if she had been removed from the Johanssons’ case. She replied that she is still on the transfer of custody/guardianship case, which the Johanssons’ won in June, but the social council has appealed. (Ruby should be able to represent the Johansson’s in this appeal if it goes ahead.) Ruby then went on to explain the situation that the Johanssons are caught up in two sets of cases in the two separate court systems in Sweden. There are the civil and criminal courts and the administrative courts. It was the administrative courts that removed Ruby from the Johanssons’ case in 2010, claiming that she was unsuitable, but the civil and criminal court (Gotland District court) appointed her as the Johanssons’ legal counsel in the guardianship case. After winning the case in the District court in June, the Johanssons applied to the administrative court to have their son Domenic returned to them. The administrative court has refused to appoint Ruby as their public counsel for the case, so they have appealed and they are awaiting the decision from the administrative court of appeal. By the way, Ruby won a case against Sweden in the European Court of Human Rights on April 5, 2012. Read about it here http://hudoc.echr.coe.int/sites/eng/pages/search.aspx#{%22dmdocnumber%22:[%22905687%22],%22itemid%22:[%22001-110246%22]}. Congratulations Ruby.


Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Domenic Johansson to be Reunited with Family Atlast!

Domenic Johansson’s case will end up in a good note after all. Talks of reunion with parents are underway since the courts have sided with parents, Christer and Anne, as the unanimous and extensive testimonies given by friends and family spoke of their goodness and love for the child. Domenic was forcibly taken from his parents in 2009 by Swedish government officials saying that his parents were unfit for homeschooling him.


Swedish Court Rules in Favor of Homeschooling Parents; Family Awaits Son's Return

Ever since Swedish authorities removed 10-year-old Domenic Johansson from his homeschooling parents in 2009, family, friends and both the Alliance Defense Fund (ADF) and the Homeschool Legal Defense Association (HSLDA) have been working to get him back.


Parents of ‘State-Napped’ Boy Hopeful after Favorable Court Ruling

In a major breakthrough, a Swedish district court has ruled in favor of Christer and Annie Johansson, parents of now ten-year-old Domenic, and has stated that their parental rights will not be terminated. Attorneys with the Home School Legal Defense Association (HSLDA) and the Alliance Defense Fund (ADF) are legal advisors to the parents, who are represented by Ruby Harrold-Claesson of the Nordic Committee on Human Rights.


Nightmare soon to end?: Court vindicates Swedish homeschooling parents in state kidnapping case

A Swedish homseschooling couple may shortly be reunited with their son after a prolonged separation, after a Swedish court has judged that the couple did not act irresponsibly by removing their children from the public school system.


Hope surfaces in case of 'state-napped' child

For the first time in three years, supporters of a boy “state-napped” by Swedish police officers aboard a jet preparing to take off for India say they have hope he will be returned to his parents’ custody.


Swedish Court Allows Son to Return to Homeschooling Parents

"We encourage Swedish authorities to release Domenic to his parents in light of the court's ruling..." -Roger Kiska, ADF


Third anniversary of Domenic Johansson’s removal from the plane and his parents

Yesterday, June 25, 2012, was the third anniversary of Domenic Johansson’s removal from the plane on which he and his parents were sitting, waiting to leave Sweden for India to start a new life. Swedish social authorities and the police violated Domenic’s and his family members’ basic human rights guaranteed in the European Convention Additional Protocol 4 Article 2:2, which guarantees: “Everyone is free to leave any country including his own”. Yet they were prevented from leaving Sweden.


Swedish Court Vindicates Homeschooling Parents

A Swedish district court has ruled that the parental rights of a 10-year-old boy abducted by the government three years ago for being home-schooled will not be terminated. The court stated it could not ignore the unanimous and extensive testimony of firsthand accounts of friends, family and others that Domenic Johansson’s parents, Christer and Annie, were properly caring for him prior to Swedish authorities seizing him in 2009.


Swedish Court Vindicates Johansson Parents

The parental rights of Christer and Annie Johansson will not be terminated, a Swedish district court ruled. Last week’s ruling comes three years after Domenic Johansson was forcibly abducted from his parents by social services minutes before the family’s departure for India.


Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Governor urged to take up detention of NRI mother's son

West Bengal Governor M K Narayanan has been urged to take up the alleged detention of an 11-year-old boy in Sweden, months after the boy's mother sought Indian's government's intervention in the matter.

Kolkata-based NGO "India's Smile", which claimed to have brought to light the custody row over the Swedish boy Domenic, similar to the recent NRI couple custody row in Norway, said on Friday it had forwarded to the Governor a copy of a letter from Fam Christer Johansson, father of the boy in Sweden, for his intervention.


From Sweden Without Love: Domenic Johansson, Homeschooling, Mother India and the Swedish Gulag

The following article was prepared at the request of the Indian National Newspaper, Pravasi Today and covers the Domenic Johansson child abduction case in Sweden.

In what is being described by some as the Swedish Government's biggest blunder in modern times, a little half-Swedish, half-Indian boy called Domenic Johansson is standing in the middle of a political tsunami that threatens to rip apart the myth of the 'Swedish Utopia' and expose the Scandinavian régime as one of the worst and most systematic violators of human rights in Western Europe.


To whom do children belong - their parents or the state?

I don’t pretend to know the rights and wrongs of Sweden’s Domenic Johansson case, and here’s a link to an article which doesn’t pretend to be objective, but I do know that when I google the case I can’t find anything on the other side. What apparently happened was that almost two years ago the Swedish government swooped down on the Johansson family and seized their then-seven-year-old son Domenic because he was being homeschooled. And the Swedish government still won’t give him back to his parents.

I’m pretty sure most people will agree that the only reasonable grounds for separating a young child from his or her parents is neglect or abuse - which homeschooling clearly isn’t. According to the linked-to article, however, the Swedish government’s actions are a manifestation of its adherence to the Platonic philosophy whereby children are the property of the state and their education is the responsibility of the state. The Platonic view is in sharp contrast to the UN’s Universal Declaration of Human Rights, with its Article 30, Clause 3 declaration: “Parents have a prior right to choose the kind of education that shall be given to their children”.

So which approach is better? Or can there be a middle ground? If so, what is it? H/T AMP


Govt looking into Domenic Johansson’s Swedish custody

After over a month’s efforts by a local NGO for the release of an NRI mother’s son from the custody of Swedish authorities in Gotland, the Indian external affairs ministry has said it is now looking into the matter, including the legal aspects.

The incident came to light after Fam Christer Johansson and his NRI wife Annie Johansson (Nirmal Kumar Bharos) wrote to a city-based NGO India’s Smile that their 11-year-old son Domenic has been taken into custody by the child welfare services of the European nation in 2009.


Monday, April 30, 2012

Annies message to the Swedish government!

I have collapsed 8 times and ended up in the ER, I fear for my life and I demand the most fundamental rights and freedoms, the right to my life and family!

Swedish Home-Schoolers Flee 'Parental Inquisition'

Norway episode plays out in Sweden too

With the custody row with Norway over two NRI children settled, an Indian mother in Sweden has sought the Centre’s intervention for the custody of her 11-year-old son allegedly being held by the Swedish authorities.


Domenic kidnappad av socialtjänsten - Indisk media rapporterar

Post Norway, another custody row in Sweden

With the custody row with Norway over two Non-Resident Indian children settled, an Indian mother in Sweden has sought the Indian government's intervention for custody of her 11-year-old son allegedly being held by the Swedish authorities.


NRI mother separated from her child by Swedish authorities-NewsX

Another shocking example of how Child Care authorities in the West often fail to understand the Indian way of bringing up a child. This time an NRI mother in Sweden is being put through the ordeal of her son being taken away by child care authorities. The Indian-origin woman named Nirmal Kumar Bhanos who married a Swede Christer Johansson is fighting the European nation's authorities to wrest the custody of their 13- year old son Domenic Johansson. Now going by the name Annie Johansson, the lady is an NRI holding an Indian Passport. She has now written to a Kolkata based NGO to help her. The couple is settled in Visby in Sweden since April, 2000 and Annie's mother who lives in Pune says the forced separation has flung the devastated Annie into depression.
For more log onto - http://alpha.newsx.com

Another Custody Row in Sweden

With the custody row with Norway over two NRI children settled, an Indian mother in Sweden has sought the Indian government's intervention for custody of her 11-year-old son allegedly being held by the Swedish authorities.


Domenic Johansson bortfördes av Socialstyrelsen – Familjen kämpar

Domenic Johansson bortfördes av svensk polis på uppdrag av Socialstyrelsen. Myndigheten ansåg att föräldrarna inte var kapabla att ta hand om sin son. Fallet har fått internationell uppmärksamhet och anses vara ett av det värsta exemplen på kränkning utförd av en myndighet i Väst. Svenska media uppmärksammar inte historien.

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Outcry over Sweden’s Persecution of Homeschoolers Grows

As homeschooling families continue to flee Sweden in the face of escalating persecution, the global outcry over the controversial Swedish policies is growing louder. More than a few critics and reporters have even blasted the government’s actions and behavior as reminiscent of the former Soviet Union.


Christer Johansson intervjuas på Red Ice Creations om socialtjänstens omhändertagande av Domenic Johansson

I intervjun på två timmar diskuteras omhändertagandet av barnet Domenic Johansson av socialtjänsten. Christer och hans fru Annie ville hemskola sitt barn eftersom han inte kände sig bra i den kommunala skolan. Under denna tid var hemskolning fortfarande lagligt i Sverige. Familjen hade redan planerat att flytta till Indien som är Christers frus hemland för att syssla med humanitärt arbete. Den då sjuåriga hemskolade pojken omhändertogs på ett flygplan på väg till Indien då föräldrarna vägrade att sluta hemskola sin son.

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Monday, March 26, 2012

Outcry over Sweden’s Persecution of Homeschoolers Grows

The Swedish government was already facing worldwide criticism from human rights groups for what opponents called its “kidnapping” of Domenic Johansson. The then-7-year-old homeschooler was abducted from an airplane bound for India by police after his parents refused to stop educating him at home — and that was in June of 2009, while homeschooling was still technically legal. The boy remains in state custody, completely isolated from his parents.


Sunday, March 25, 2012

Jonas Himmelstrand Interview

Jonas Himmelstrand Interview - March 4th 2012 -... by WellBoyFilmsIreland

CBN rapporterar om socialtjänstens omhändertagande av Domenic Johansson

Det har gått tre år sedan svenska myndigheter tog Domenic Johansson från sina föräldrar på flygplatsen då de var på väg att flytta till Indien, vissa jämför Sveriges agerande med vad som pågick i Sovjetunionen.

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Sweden Abduction One of Worst Government Abuses

It’s been called one of the worst cases of government abuse ever committed against a homeschooling family: the abduction by Swedish authorities of Domenic Johansson, a happy, healthy, 7-year-old boy taken from his parents, Christer and Annie, in 2009 as they waited to leave Sweden on a flight to India.

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Swedish homeschooling leader flees country following alleged persecution

leader in the Swedish homeschooling movement has fled the country, saying, “the safety of my family could no longer be guaranteed.”

Jonas Himmelstrand, who is president of the Swedish Association for Home Education (ROHUS), says that the government of the town of Uppsala was “threatening” him, according to a press release published by the organization on the Swedish public relations website MyNewsDesk.com.


Soviet-Swedish Social Services Kidnap and Abuse Domenic Johansson - Why? Home-Schooling!

Comment: An Open Society? A Democracy? Freedom of Choice? NO NO NO!


Joint Statement on Swedish Human Rights

1. I am a free person. I was born a free person. My liberties are not granted by others or by a state but are a natural condition.

2. Life presents us with many problems which we must solve in order to get along together. But if you approach a problem with the wrong intent, you will not be able to solve it.

3. It is not legal in any way or form in a liberal, democratic society committed to individual liberty, to own another human being. If you believe that an individual, or a group of individuals (whether it be a gang or the State) owns someone, then these people are slavers. They are claiming the right to enslave you.

4. The choices I make are my own. They are what make me an individual. They are what make my life and my future as a human being. That’s my natural right. It is the right of every individual because we are all born free.

5. When I grew up, no one said I was state property. It isn’t written in any law that I am owned by the state. And yet somewhere along the line, the State — that is, a group of people — started making laws removing our choices without spelling out exactly what they were doing. Like the proverbial frog slowly being boiled alive, I suddenly discovered I didn’t own my life any more. Someone else was making my choices for me.

6. When you are controlled by those who remain hidden, by those you cannot see, and who don’t want to be seen, then it’s like being managed by ghosts. And since you can’t get a handle on a ghost, they’ll never own up if they abuse you and they’ll never make themselves accountable.

7. It’s time for a paradigm shift. It’s time we had an iron-clad Constitution guaranteeing liberty — our inviolable rights to make our own individual and family choices. Without it, our country will become a prison.

8. No matter what our religion or culture, we are all human beings who have rights from birth. That is the only thing that all human beings can agree on, namely, everybody’s rights and freedoms. We own these rights because we exist and not because someone chooses to give or deny them to us. And since we own them, they are not for sale. In fact, we have already paid for them tenfold.

9. I therefore demand that my rights be respected on every level of society; at the same time, I promise that I will respect other people’s rights as well.

10. This must be the Golden Rule upon which every civilised, liberal, democratic and libertarian society is based. Without it, all the future holds for the human race is slavery and misery.


Soviet-Swedish Social Services Kidnap and Abuse Domenic Johansson - Why? Home-Schooling!

'It’s been called one of the worst cases of government abuse ever committed against a home schooling family: the abduction by Swedish authorities of Domenic Johansson, a happy, healthy, 7-year-old boy taken from his parents Christer and Annie Johansson in 2009 as they waited to leave Sweden on a flight to India.


Homeschool Leader Flees Swedish Persecution

As the government intensifies its persecution of homeschoolers in Sweden, the president of the Swedish Association for Home Education (ROHUS) has finally been forced into exile with his family in neighboring Finland. The battle for human rights and homeschooling in the Scandinavian kingdom, however, is far from over.


Leviathan Groaning

On June 25, 2009, a seven year old boy was abducted at gunpoint from his terrified parents. They had just boarded a plane to fly to the country where the boy’s mother had been born, and where her kin still lived. They were leaving their own country for good, because they had grown weary of the harassment they suffered there from a syndicate of well-placed thugs. They themselves had broken no law.


Soviet Sweden? Parents Villainized Over Home-Schooled Son - CBN.com

Three years after Swedish authorities took Christer and Annie Johansson's son for the "offense" of home schooling, some are likening the nation to the Soviet Union... The Christian Broadcasting Network CBN http://www.cbn.com


Thursday, February 16, 2012

Pressure mounts on state in homeschool case

Pressure is mounting on a state-run social services agency in Sweden to return to his parents a 10-year-old boy who was taken into custody because he was being homeschooled, after the European Court of Human Rights ruled such separations can cause harm to children.


Swedish authorities kidnapped Dominic Johansson, 7 years old

Call to Action: Email Your Swedish Embassy

Swedish homeschoolers have explicitly asked their fellow homeschoolers around the world to contact Swedish officials. Sweden continues down a dark path of totalitarianism in education. Although it is likely there are fewer than 100 homeschoolers in the country of 9 million, Swedish officials appear to be vigorously seeking to stamp out the small community. Over the past three years authorities have used a variety of measures including harassment, hefty fines, referral to the courts, and threatening to or actually removing children from the home.


New hope for Swedish home-schooling family

A recent ruling from the European Court of Human Rights is giving a Swedish couple hope that their son, whom the government abducted in 2009 because he was home schooled, might be returned to them.


The Hindu: The iron hand that rocks the cradle

Another case involving India, because the child's mother is Indian (the father is Swedish), is that of Domenic Johansson, taken by Swedish police on behalf of the Swedish CPS off an aeroplane to stop him and his parents from going to India, and then abducted by Swedish CPS. The charge against the parents was that they wanted home schooling for Domenic:



STRASBOURG, France — A recent European Court of Human Rights ruling increases the pressure on Sweden to return a 10-year-old boy to his parents after the government abducted him from his parents nearly three years ago for being home-schooled.


Homeschooling Parents Get New Hope in Custody Dispute

A recent European Court of Human Rights ruling is putting more pressure on Sweden to return a 10-year-old boy to his rightful home after the government abducted him from his parents nearly three years ago for being homeschooled.


Saturday, January 28, 2012

According to Western legal theory, "it is the individual who is the beneficiary of human rights which are to be asserted against the government" (1) but within the fomer Union of Soviet Socialist Republics (USSR) society as a whole was always seen as the sole beneficiary of human rights.


State Piracy Inc.: Edholm Wants the Swedish State to Abduct ALL Homeschooled Children

The Liberal Party's Lotta Edholm Wants the Swedish State to Abduct ALL Homeschooled Children


Jag- en liberalkommunistnazist?

Min artikel på Aftonbladet om barn som nekas skolgång har fått vida spridning. En site i USA kallar det odemokratiskt och flera upprörda kommentatorer håller med. Som ett brev på posten kom också liknelserna mellan Hitler och mig.

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Politician: Take homeschool kids from parents

The atmosphere for homeschool families in Sweden, where police and social service workers in 2009 abducted a 7-year-old boy from an airplane on which he and his family were moving to India, has plunged to “literally freezing” with a report that a top politician is recommending social services simply take children away from homeschooling families.


Johansson Father Denied Representation and Subject to Psychological Evaluations

In a hearing on 20th December, the father of Dominic Johansson was not allowed to be represented by a lawyer of his choice, after being accused of kidnapping and unlawful detention.


Swedish Pol to Social Services Minister: Take Homeschooled Kids!

Swedish social authorities have kept Dominic in foster care for the last 2½ years. Dominic’s parents have not seen him in over a year. Recently, a Swedish court denied the social services’ attempt to terminate the Johansens’ parental rights. HSLDA and ADF have filed a lawsuit with European Court of Human Rights against Sweden over the case.


Den nya skollagen tvingar hemundervisande familjer i exil – socialanmälningar och extrema viten

Som en dov bakgrund finns fallet med Dominic Johansson som omhändertogs på Arlanda av den gotländska socialtjänsten under dramatiska omständigheter sommaren 2009 med hemundervisning som centralt uppgivet skäl. Gotlands kommun har senare förnekat detta, men ord står emot ord och fallet är ännu inte uppklarat och ligger bland annat hos Europadomstolen.

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