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Sunday, November 20, 2011


Bloggen har nu haft över 20,000 unika besökare och ca 35,000 hits. Besökarna kommer från större delen av världen.

Dominic-filmen på youtube har haft över 13,000 tittare. Även den har spridits och publicerat på många bloggar, tidningar runt om i världen.

Denna blogg kan ses som ett arkiv av det som skrivs om fallet Domenic runt om i världen. För er som vill veta vad som just pågår i fallet så rekomenderar jag en nystartad blogg, [AnsvarsProjektet]

Sen finns även den internationella bloggen, [Friends of Domenic]

Barbaric, Cowardly and Corrupt The Socio-Fascist Swedish State

The longer justice is delayed, the more it is denied."

As far as the Domenic Johansson case it concerned, this is undeniably true. But it gets worse. The other day I was informed that not only has the state abducted an innocent homeschooler from his loving parents, not only have they lied to justify their foul action, not only have they denied parental access for more than one short visit every 5 weeks, not only have they denied access completely now, but these barbarian social service officers now want to totally destroy every last vestige of the Johansson family by petitioning the courts to have Domenic 'legally' adopted by his new foster parents.


New blog about the case of Domenic

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Snatched Swedish boy may be permanently separated from parents

Officials seek to terminate Johansson family's parental rights.


Son taken from parents to be taken overseas?

Social workers who had police troopers storm a jetliner on which a family was attempting to emigrate to India, to take custody of a young boy over his homeschooling, now have discussed allowing the foster family where he's been staying to take him to Thailand, the boy's father has told WND.