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Sunday, May 23, 2010

RP.pl Officials of the dictatorship of the social

Ruby Harrold-Claesson:
"The law should protect children. Meanwhile, today is used to terrorize parents - said the President of the Nordic Committee for Human Rights in an interview with Anna-Nowacka Isaksson"

About Dominic Johansson, "The boy is now in a foster family. Parents can meet with him once every fifth week, under supervision. Dominic underwent brainwashing."

Question, Why is it so easy to pick up parents children?
"Generally this is business. Those who recive the children, officials of different social workers receive state subsidies. The more children, more money. Children are usually placed in foster families, which are friendly or related to those deciding on the reception of the child. We know this is the case in a municipality of Nybro. Mentally handicapped boy's village placed in a foster family and pays her for 10,000 crowns (more than four thousand. Zł) per night. The cost of classes is one child is 3.65 million kronor (1.5 million zł) per year. A normal child trafficking. The majority of foster parents adopt children, because they pay them for it. Do not assume that children are suffering mentally and physically. There is no worse torture for a child than to deprive them of their parents."

How many children a year are now parents received in Sweden?

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