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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Open letter to Gotlands kommun by Michael Donnally HSLDA

Michael P Donnally

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I invited 280 of my friends and just sent the following email to the leaders of the Gotland Kommun: Dear Gotland Kommun Leaders: I am very familiar with the details of the taking of Dominic Johansson as I have been in contact with this family since September 2009 becaus...e of your actions which have denied this family basic and fundamental human rights. The world is increasingly watching your little Island and is catching a very unflattering view of how you treat people who appear to behave a little outside the mainstream. The actions taken by your social workers enabled by you, the leaders of the Kommun, and then ratified by outlandish judgments of your courts show how little Sweden really protects the rights and dignity of adults and children. You should be ashamed and embarrassed by the way you have treated this family with contempt and utter disregard for their basic human rights. When your Embassy official (Mr. Stig Bergland) wrote me about this matter he had the audacity to quote to me the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child and pointed out that the “voice of the child” was the starting place in matters like this. Do you seriously expect me, or anyone, to believe that you consulted Dominic and asked him if wanted to be traumatically separated from his parents? Do you understand the harm you have caused this little boy and this family – it is reminiscent of what Stalin did to people sending them off to labor camps because he disagreed with their opinion? Please – I’ve read the court documents. Your social workers and judges said that it is ok to kidnap this little boy and keep the Mom and Dad from visiting him except for 1 hour every 5 weeks? Because Dominic had some cavities and wasn’t vaccinated and was homeschooled? Preposterous and monstrous. Simply inhuman. I’m ashamed to admit that my great-grandparents Gustav Rosequist and Fannie Linbeck were from Sweden. They, however, emigrated to Hungary – a place where it seems, at least compared to Sweden, the government does not treat people in this inhuman way. You cannot justify what you have done by saying that you were following the law or trying to protect Dominic – your behavior and actions since are at odds with any attempt to hide behind such lame assertions. The behavior of your Komun in this case has been utterly despicable - without compassion or sympathy. Your workers have dug in their heels and with foolish pride and are manufacturing “evidence” to cover up what can only be described as an atrocity. You have and continue to cause great harm to this family and boy by your intransigence. It is in your power to stop this nightmare and demonstrate that you possess human qualities like compassion and judgment. My suggestion is that you take the opportunity to make this issue go away by returning Dominic to his family with an apology and allow them to go on with their lives and to try to put back together what you have very nearly irreparably torn apart. In case you didn’t know there is a face book page with over 2,000 people from all over the world (and growing steadily) - the fan page is called “Return Dominic Johansson”. I can assure that this case is not going to go away – it is going to pick up steam and it is going to severely embarrass you and your country. However if you were to return Dominic (even without an apology) this issue would die down after a while. That is my recommendation to you. Obviously the choice is up to you. I hope you make the right one. Sincerely, Michael Donnelly, Esq.

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