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Sunday, May 23, 2010

In The Heart Of Poland

Where do parents get kids taken away? Public finger, foster families, adoption?
"Children go to foster families. They are also illegal adoptions... Often, a social worker has some ties to the foster family."

About the cost:
"During the year is approximately 20,000 children. For their money goes to maintain high taxes."

"Often these are parents, one of whom is a foreigner. I talked on Monday with a Jew, who began to have problems with social welfare. I told her that as no place to let go as soon as possible. She was surprised at my advice and said she will think. On Friday, has already called me from Israel. She realized that this was the only thing that could be done in such a situation."

About Dominic Johansson, why they took him:
"So far, I can not understand it. The European Convention on Human Rights contains the Additional Protocol Article 4. 2, speaks of "freedom of movement." But this family was not allowed to leave. They took their child to a foster family, and parents can be see each other once every five weeks for an hour. The boy underwent brainwashing, and after seven months at the foster parents have already calling mom and dad. Before they hit was in the so-called temporary home.

His mother, a young woman, she already had many crises, including two heart attacks."


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