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Monday, April 30, 2012

NRI mother separated from her child by Swedish authorities-NewsX

Another shocking example of how Child Care authorities in the West often fail to understand the Indian way of bringing up a child. This time an NRI mother in Sweden is being put through the ordeal of her son being taken away by child care authorities. The Indian-origin woman named Nirmal Kumar Bhanos who married a Swede Christer Johansson is fighting the European nation's authorities to wrest the custody of their 13- year old son Domenic Johansson. Now going by the name Annie Johansson, the lady is an NRI holding an Indian Passport. She has now written to a Kolkata based NGO to help her. The couple is settled in Visby in Sweden since April, 2000 and Annie's mother who lives in Pune says the forced separation has flung the devastated Annie into depression.
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