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Friday, January 21, 2011

Johasson Released from Custody Today

Court Ordered Forensic Psychological Evaluation finds Johansson Psychologically Healthy

We've received word that Christer Johansson was released from police custody today immediately following a court hearing which was held as a continuance of the previous hearing of December 20, 2010. The original December 20th hearing was held as a result of an impulsive act on behalf of Johansson when on November 22, 2010, he took his son Domenic home, without permission, from a state supervised visit. According to Chapter 4 section 2 of the Criminal Code, this is punishable with prison for a minimum of one and maximum of ten years. Removing a child under fifteen years of age from the social services can constitute a crime against freedom or the promotion of escape and is punishable with fines or a prison sentence of up to one year.

During the December 20th hearing, the presiding judge, Lagman Mikael Mellqvist, withheld sentencing until Johansson had undergone a lengthy forensic psychological analysis. That analiysis, completed and submitted to the courts just this week, found Mr. Johansson to be psychologically sound.

This psychological finding is in direct opposition to the accusations made against Johansson by Gotland Social Services during both the December 2009 and September 2010 hearings to determine if Domenic should be returned to his parents or remain a ward of the Swedish state. In both court hearings, the Johanssons provided psychological reports stating Mr. Johansson was without a psychological diagnosis. However, Gotland Social Services continues to insist that Mr. Johansson suffers from a narcissistic disorder, while independent psychological assessments find him psychologically healthy. And now, in today's criminal proceedings the lengthy forensic psychological assessment, has found Mr. Johansson free of any psychological disorder.


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