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Friday, January 15, 2010

Message by Dominic´s parents

Now we are really bothered, the social service claim that I have some problems with my mental health, and because of that I went to the psychiatric clinic and made a complete test. And I am healthy according to them, but not according to the social services. The funny thing is though, the personnel at the social service don't have any education in that field what so ever, so what is really going on here?

Annie and Christer Johansson


  1. Vi orkar inte se vår son samt sonhustru brytas ner längre, det är snart ingenting kvar av dom! Dom var väldigt lyckliga när dom var på väg mot Indien, och något fel på vårt barnbarn Domenic var det inte, har aldrig varit heller. Vi har sett honom växa upp, frisk och kry. På senare tid så har han mått sämre och sämre då vi träffat honom. Stoppa slakten av vår familj och vårt barnbarn.

    Rune och Barbro Johansson

  2. Sofie Rosenqvist sade åt mig att jag var psykiskt skör och skickade mig på utredning av min mentala hälsa. Jag var fullt frisk.
    Under nästan 2 års tid förde jag en daglig kamp och vad jag än sade och gjorde så hotade hon med LVU om jag inte tyckte precis som henne.
    Sofie är ökänd, en mycket osympatisk kvinna. Jag har fortfarande trauma efter hennes fruktansvärda agerande som saknade lagligt stöd. Hon skulle passa bättre som vakt på ett koncentrationsläger.

  3. Hejsan anonym!
    Kontakta oss gärna på info@mepprograms.org

    Annie & Christer

  4. I have signed the petition for Dominic to come home. But is there any list of people in charge or who might have the power to do something about Dominic coming home who one can write to personnally?

  5. We haven't made any list, but we know that others have.

  6. We where called names again yesterday, we where told that Domenic has a better life now (traumatized, not sleeping well, depressed, scared, lost, missing mom and dad etc), we are not getting the documents from the social office that we need for our new lawyer, and they refuse to answer almost all our questions.
    And they have told us more then once, our health (Annies and mine) is not there responsibility, at all, we can see that you believe that!

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  8. The social services called us today, they waned to discuss a meeting between my mom and dad and Domenic, we are supposed to stay back home! But they have changed there minds about out mental health though, now we are healthy, but Domenics trauma is now our foult instead, the socials don't believe that a kidnapping like that effects a child at all.

    The insults continues!

    Chris n Ann

  9. Hello!

    Stay strong Chris and Annie! Eventually this tragic and unbelievable situation will be resolved.